Thursday, October 21, 2010

3 Ways to Burn Belly Fat

There are only 3 ways to burn belly, and supplements, diet pills, cleanses, and detox diets are not the ways to do it. Instead, I'm going to give you three advanced strategies to help you burn belly fat and get a flat stomach in less than 90 days, even if you have to lose 30 pounds of weight.

The first secret to burning stomach fat is to eat a weight loss diet of whole, natural foods, eliminating any high-calorie foods in modified forms. Start building your fat burning diet around fruits (yes, you can lose fat while eating a lot of fruit), vegetables, nuts, and a wide-variety of protein sources.

Avoid all foods in a bag or box. This even means cutting back on pasta, bread, and definitely breakfast cereals. There are very few breakfast cereals that can survive on a belly fat burning plan. Too many breakfast cereals are loaded with added sugar, and contain a lot of calories for small portion sizes. As a result of the small portion sizes and added sugar, you end up hungry soon after you eat breakfast cereals and this will not help you burn belly fat.

Eat whole, natural foods at every meal and you will be full and satisfied, and you'll have a lot of physical and mental energy for exercise. You don't have to become a vegetarian, but you need to avoid the hidden calories and sugar in all carbohydrate foods. In fact, if you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, you can eat a lot of protein to help you burn belly fat. Finally, eat raw nuts, not nuts that have been roasted in oil and covered in salt.
Nutrition is the most important part of a belly fat burning program, in fact, it's probably going to be responsible for more than half of your fat burning results, so don't skip step number one. But once you have your nutrition under control, you can focus on increasing the intensity of your exercise program.

To burn belly fat, I want you to stop doing cardio, and focus instead on interval training. If you don't know what interval training is, let me show you how this modified cardio workout can help you burn belly fat. First, you start off with a warm-up, as you would any cardio workout. Second, you alternate between periods of hard exercise and easy exercise. Your hard exercise intervals should be 10-20% harder than a normal cardio intensity, but should last only 30-60 seconds to burn belly fat. Follow each work interval with an easy recovery interval for twice as long as the work interval. The pace in your recovery interval should be so easy you'll think you are doing the cool-down portion of your workout. Repeat the hard-easy interval sequence three times if you are a beginner, and up to six times if you are fit. Finally, finish off with 3-5 minutes of easy exercise as the cool-down portion of your belly fat burning workout.

The third secret to burn belly fat at home is to use bodyweight and dumbbell resistancde training exercises in supersets, so that you get a short, but intense belly fat burning workout that might increase your muscle mass (if you want that) or increase your metabolism (everybody wants that!).

You only need to do 4 resistance training exercises in a belly fat burning workout. One exercise needs to work the legs, another exercise needs to work the pushing muscles, a third exercise needs to work the upper back pulling muscles, and the fourth exercise needs to be a total-body ab exercise. By doing this routine, you've hit all the major fat burning hot zones of the body to help you burn belly fat. Do your resistance training workout before the interval training for maximum muscle results and to burn belly fat fast.

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