Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eat To Lose Weight

Not sure what to eat to lose weight? Well, today you are going to get my politically incorrect advice! I’m known for telling it like it is, and most people (the lazy ones) don’t want to hear it, and they get mad at me. But the folks who do listen often lose 5-10 pounds in 2 weeks.

First, let’s talk about what you must not eat to lose weight. You have to toss any foods from your pantry that contain added sugar or hydrogenated oils (also known as trans-fats). These types of foods are processed, refined junk foods that contain a lot of calories.

You’ll even find both of those nasty ingredients in most breakfast cereals. In fact, breakfast cereals are often a bad food to have if you want to eat to lose weight. Many have added sugar and hydrogenated oils, even the so-called healthy cereals.

I also recommend cutting out most modified carbohydrate foods, from granola bars to muffins, from white flour pasta to most breads. You are much better off eating more fruits and vegetables and raw nuts. You also need to increase your protein intake, but nearly as much as most bodybuilders will tell you.

In fact, the last thing you should do is take fat loss advice from a bodybuilder. Most of those folks use drugs to get bigger and drugs to lose fat, and that’s politically stupid advice. So stay away from anyone that lives an unhealthy lifestyle to get a good body.

Your focus should be on making baby steps every day to improve your diet. Take my client Katherine for example. She started off 15 pounds overweight and eating a bad diet, but wanted to eat to lose weight. At first, she only ate one apple and a small salad per day, with everything else being processed foods.

Her first step – like yours will probably be – was to rediscover how GOOD real food tastes. She added a banana and an orange to breakfast, replacing her high-sugar cereal. She added the fruit to a plain yogurt and added 11 chopped almonds (half an ounce) in the mix. She also had a Green Tea instead of coffee with cream and sugar.

Katherine found that she wasn’t hungry again till lunch time, and didn’t experience mid-morning drowsiness with that plan. At lunch, she started to add more vegetables to her salad.

After a week, she cut out her tuna sandwich and added chicken or salmon to her salad in what we called, “her power lunch salad”. She’s now up to 10 different vegetables in her power salad, and she doesn’t have after lunch sleepiness anymore. Now that’s how to eat to lose weight!

Since Katherine exercises with Turbulence Training right after work and while she watches Oprah, she needed a late afternoon snack. In the past, she had given in to the vending machine (on bad days) and even on good days was eating a granola bar filled with sugar and trans-fats. But the granola bar rarely, if ever, filled her up.

So we made her afternoon snack an apple, 11 almonds, and more Green Tea. This kept her full until dinner time. In fact, it kept her so full she moved her dinner time back almost a full hour (and this allowed her husband to do his Turbulence Training workout before dinner as well).

By moving dinner to 7pm, she had fewer urges to eat at night while she relaxed in front of the TV for her favorite show at 9pm. Before she knew it, it was bedtime and she didn’t have any desire for late night binging. Now that’s how to eat to lose weight!

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